About Art

Meet Art Post, an industry professional for about 35 years.  We don’t want to get too exact with numbers as it may give away age.

As an expert in wide format printers, plotters and print habits, Art has made a career of ensuring his clients have the very best machine for their specific needs.

Art also runs a blog called P4P Hotel which has nearly 2,600 industry professionals subscribed.  This specific feature alone allows Art to chat with reps from every manufacturer and learn exactly what is happening in the industry as a whole.  This information gives him a huge advantage when chatting with clients as he can pull from this amazing experience and connections to ensure the client will be totally happy with their wide format solution.

Art came to the conclusion a blog site specifically for New Jersey would be great as it would give him a chance to connect with all of his clients and potential clients.

Art has been with his current company, Stratix Systems for nearly 2 decades.  All in all, if you want a rep who has been around, is stable, and always has your best interests at heart, give us a call today!