Five Things You Didn’t Know About the Ricoh MP CW2201SP

We are always trying to educate companies in New Jersey about new wide format technology that can help reduce costs.  Below we’ve complied a list of five really cool features for the Ricoh MP CW2201SP.



geljet example

Ricoh uses gel in technology with the Ricoh MP CW2201Sp.  That technology is pigment based, which resists smudging and will not dissolve with accidental contact with water.  Each color is a fine powder that floats in a gel based carrier.  The gel based carrier evaporates, and leave the color fine powder embedded in the fibers of the paper. The end result is fad resistant prints that will not smudge.

Bi-directional ink pumps

During cleaning operations the Ricoh MP C2201SP uses bi-directional ink pumps to drive ink out of the tubes that are connected to the head tanks. Those pumps use a motor that creates a two-way scrubbing action when cleaning, and delivers a stronger ink flow when printing.  This technology improves ink yields and cleaning results.

Emergency Print

Excellent feature! If color ink runs out the Ricoh MP CW2201SP will continue to print in black mode.  Try doing that with a conventional plotter.

Document Server

We like to call it the Document Library where you can store thousands of documents.  Many of our New Jersey architect, engineers and construction companies use the Document Server to save time when re-prints of documents are needed.  Those documents are stored on the hard drive of the device and users have the ability to print the entire document or just pages of the document.  In addition users can populate the document server by scanning or printing the document to the document server.

Original Out Put Stacker

Scanning of legacy drawings is more popular than ever. In most cases a set of prints could have as many as twenty five pages. The Ricoh MP CW2201SP will allow users to speed through scanning workflows because users can scan stack up to twenty five originals.

Competitive devices the KIP 7170, KIP 75 series, KIP 890 and OCE Plotwave 345/365 and Oce ColorWave 500 only allow you to scan one original document at a time.

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