Jersey Shore Surveyor Selects Pre-Owned Ricoh W3601SP

Recently a Surveyor in Monmouth County selected a Pre-Owned Ricoh W3601 as their choice for a wide format MFP.  On occasions I will ask the client why did you select the Ricoh W3601 to move forward with?

The client responded with, “it wasn’t just the Ricoh MP 3601, it was more about what I could do with the Ricoh W3601.  You took the time to tell me how I could improve my process from cutting and pasting surveys to scanning and editing those surveys in a digital format”.  Other sales people were just focused on price and how to close the deal. You took your time and gave me a reason to buy from you”.  I was flattered, this is why I do what I do.

Cut & Paste Process


cut & paste

Our surveyor was not up to date with the latest technology.  They were using a few older MAC computers that are running Claris CAD. Our client could create his surveys and then print those surveys when needed.  Those surveys where then keep in a paper filing process.

When it came to quick revisions of existing surveys our client was cutting and pasting existing survey prints.  The cutting and pasting was quicker solution rather than going back to Claris CAD. However the cut and paste process was no match for marking up those documents in a digital format.

Digital Editing



Early on I saw the need for PPDM (Personal Paper Document Manager) from Ricoh along with Dropbox.  I explained how the client could set up a dropbox scan to folder on his Ricoh W3601. They could then scan the 11×17 survey to the dropbox folder.  From their, the client would open PPDM and then open the scanned file from Dropbox.  Once the document was in PPDM, we explained how the document could be editing, redacted, and even insert pictures of additional structures if desired.  The client could then save back to Dropbox and print the revised document for the end user.


I recommended Dropbox, because our surveyor had no back up of his printed documents.  God forbid if there was a fire, our client would be out of business.  Scanning those legacy prints to dropbox gave him a back up on the cloud. In addition they could access those documents from any location on any smart phone or tablet.

In closing I was pretty elated that I was just not another sales person looking to just sell a Pre-Owned Ricoh W3601. Being able to help the client improve their process with something as simple as PPDM far eclipsed just selling another wide format device.

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