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Ten FAQ’s About the Ricoh MP CW2201SP Wide Format Color Plotter

Whether you’re interested in buy or leasing the Ricoh MP CW2201SP in New Jersey, it pays to do some research.  I’ve put together a compilation of the ten most frequently asked questions that I’ve encountered for the Ricoh MP CW2201SP.

Top Five FAQ’s Ricoh CW2201SP

  1. How many rolls of paper can the Ricoh CW2201SP hold at one time?  The Ricoh CW2201SP comes standard with the ability to hold one roll of 36″ x 500′. With the optional roll feeder the MP CW2201SP can hold two rolls of 36″ x 500′ paper.
  2. Can I scan directly to Dropbox or Google Drive?  Yes you can, and that can be easily set up in the scanner address book.  Just enter the path to the folder and then make sure you enable your sharing options.
  3. Can I scan to my business line of software, like Sage?  That depends on Sage, if Sage has the capability of using a TWAIN scanning driver, then the answer is yes. The Ricoh MP CW2201SP is unique that it is the only system in it’s class that offers a TWAIN scanning driver.
  4. What is the yield of the ink cartridges and how many are there?  There are four ink cartridges, cyan, magenta, yellow and black.  A black cartridge will yield about 4,716 square feet, while each color cartridge will yield about 2,200 square feet.
  5. What is the cost per square foot for black ink?  Based on the street cost of $133 per cartridge and a yield of about 4,700 square feet.  The cost for black ink per square foot is .0282.  Keep in mind that ink yields will vary with image coverage.

Additional FAQ’s Ricoh MP CW2201SP

  1. Can I stack multiple wide format drawings and have then scan or copy like my copiers? At this time that would be no, we’re hoping that sometime in the future the Ricoh wide format devices will offer automatic feeding of originals.
  2. One of the items I don’t like about our existing wide format device is that it takes so long to scan. We have to scan each page and then wait for that document to return to me and then scan the next page.  Does the Ricoh MP CW2201SP offer some type of document stacker, meaning once I put the document in I don’t have to babysit it and wait for it to come back to me for removal?  The MP W6700SP is the only wide format system in it’s class that will stack the original documents once they have been scanned.
  3. How about mobile printing, we have many people at a construction site in Middletown, NJ, would they be able to print from their tablet or smart devices?  Yes, that can be accomplished with the addition of Ricoh Cloud Printing.
  4. How many “D” size drawings will the CW2201SP print per minute?  The system will print 3.8 “D” drawings per minute.
  5. Can we scan our color renderings of our home models from our Middlesex County project?  Yup, in fact you can scan from 100-600dpi.

Many architects, construction and engineering companies in New Jersey are currently using the Ricoh CW2201SP for their wide format needs.  In most cases the CW2201SP has a lower lease, purchase & operating costs than toner based devices such as the KIP 7170, KIP 75 series, KIP 890 and OCE Plotwave 345/365 and Oce ColorWave 500.

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