Plotter Sales and Service in New Jersey


KIP Wide Format Printing Solutions in New Jersey

Incorporating KIP wide format printing into your business operations not only increases efficiency and reduces costs but also ensures greater control and convenience. While outsourcing can offer advantages, certain critical functions, such as wide format printing, are better handled internally. Investing in a large format printer can prove to be a strategic move for several…

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What’s the Best Color Wide Format Plotter in New Jersey?

What’s the best color wide format plotter in New Jersey? First I’ll admit that I resell, service and support Ricoh, KIP and Epson color wide format plotters in New Jersey. We’ve supporting plotters and printers since the first black & white digital wide format print/scan/copy device was released back in 2023. There’s been many changes…

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Pre-Owned KIP 7170 Wide Format in New Jersey

Our new Pre-Owned KIP 7170 wide format is ready for it’s new forever home in New Jersey. We only offer low meter multi-functional wide format print/copy/scan devices. Each of our pre-owned wide formats include a one year on-site maintenance/supply agreement, on site training, phone and remote support. Our Guarantee As long as your KIP device…

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Is Your Wide Format MFP a Ticking Time Bomb?

Well not really a ticking time bomb, however if you or own a Ricoh wide format printer/plotter then your hard drive maybe in trouble. Discontinued Wide Format MFPs The Ricoh wide format models are MP W2400, W3600 or MP W3601, MP W5100, MP W7140 then it’s time for replacement. Ricoh, Lanier, Savin cross reference chart…

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Five Reasons I’m Stoked about the KIP C600 Series Color Plotter

Five Reasons I’m Stoked about the KIP C600 Series Color Plotter Every now and then one of those technology marvels cross my life. I can remember the awesome IBM Selectric II Typewriter (so many years ago), the Minolta 450Z, our much loved Ricoh MP 240W (wide format plotter) and now the incredible KIP C600 color…

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Architect Selects KIP C600 Wide format printer

It was just a year ago when Stratix Systems placed their first KIP C600 wide format printer with an Architect in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. Our client had a failing older Ricoh wide format plotter that was made about 50 prints per day. After 8 years of service the time was right to look for a…

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