Inkjet Wide Format vs GelJet Wide Format Printers

I just came off an interesting call with one of the sales reps that I work with. He has a prospect that owns and Electric Company here in New Jersey. That client was looking for a toner based (dry powder) wide format printer/scanner/copier. However once the prospect saw the pricing it was clear that color toner(powder) based wide format was not in their budget.

Thus the client and the sales person have been going back and forth with new, pre-owned (off lease) and color inkjet. The client would like color scan/print and copy, however was adamant about not wanting inkjet. I asked why did they not want inkjet? My rep stated he was not sure because he did not ask the client. Below are some reasons why that I’m aware of.

Reasons why clients don’t want inkjet technology

  • Need to clean print heads frequently
  • Do not want to waste ink with head cleanings
  • Afraid ink and image will smear when if the drawing get wet in the field
  • Higher cost of ink
  • Clogged print heads

All decent reasons objections to the ink process. However some of these objections are outdated with some of the newer wide format color technology offered.

Reasons why clients should consider Geljet technology

  • Bi-direction inks pumps reduces helps to reduce cleanings because the pumps are working both ways
  • New software is designed to cycle the prints heads to reduce head cleanings
  • Geljet technology is pigment-based, which resists smudging and will not dissolve upon accidental contact with water. Each color of ink is a fine powder that floats in a gel-based carrier. Once the get evaporates, it leaves the color pigment embedded between the paper fibers for fade resistant prints
  • Larger geljet cartridges can equal in cost per square foot of toner based wide format because of the high yield cartridges
  • Based on an average of 500-1,500 square feet of usage per month it’s enough to keep the heads clog free
geljet technology

Summary of Geljet Wide Format Technology

Geljet technology is actually a powder that embeds in the fibers of the paper. Toner is also a powder that lays on top of the paper by using heat and pressure. Geljet technology uses no heat or pressure, the gel-based carrier does the work of embedding the powder in the paper fibers. Geljet equals better for the environment also.

We could make an argument that in the final stage of putting an image on paper that Geljet is very close to toner based wide format printers.

Considering the the high cost of color toner based wide format printers. The Geljet printer/scanner/copier offers a much lower price and lease cost.

Ricoh CW2201SP

The Ricoh CW2201 is geljet wide format printer/scanner/copier. Introduced in 2017 these printers are still popular with low end users because they can be leased for under $200 per month. A brochure is available here to view and always feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

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