3 Reasons New Jersey Architects Save Time w/ KIP Print Submission Software


Print Submission Software & KIP Image Pro Up until a couple of years ago, I was not able to offer print submission software to my wide-format clients. Many wide-format devices do not come with print submission software; most brands of wide-format print devices just offer a PDF workflow. Print submission software allows our clients to…

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Architect Selects KIP C600 Wide format printer

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It was just a year ago when Stratix Systems placed their first KIP C600 wide format printer with an Architect in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. Our client had a failing older Ricoh wide format plotter that was made about 50 prints per day. After 8 years of service the time was right to look for a…

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Surveyor in New Jersey Selects Ricoh Wide Format

blue line drawing

Two years ago I met our client at an industry show in Atlantic City, New Jersey. We demonstrated scanning, printing and copying all in color for the Ricoh Wide Format. When the demo was finished we took a cup of water and poured a small amount on the print to show our client that the…

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Inkjet Wide Format vs GelJet Wide Format Printers


I just came off an interesting call with one of the sales reps that I work with. He has a prospect that owns and Electric Company here in New Jersey. That client was looking for a toner based (dry powder) wide format printer/scanner/copier. However once the prospect saw the pricing it was clear that color…

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Ricoh W3600 End of Life


Can you believe that the first Ricoh MP W3600 wide format MFP (multi-functional printer was introduced in July of 2007! That’s 12 plus years of service for one of the best wide format MFP’s ever. Discontinued In February of 2011 Ricoh discontinued the MP W3600 in lieu of the MP W3601 which added color scanning.…

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Ricoh MP W6700SP Review

Ricoh MP W6700SP

The MP W6700SP is a toner based wide format printer/copier/color scanner that can print at 6.7 “D” size pages per minute. The MP W6700SP was introduced in April of 2016. Now that the plotter has been in the field for three years I thought this would be a perfect time for a review. What We…

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Four Reasons Why New Jersey Architects Love the Ricoh MP W6700

Ricoh MP W7100SP view

If you’re  in the market for a new wide format MFP that scans in color, along with printing and copying in black? If so there are several reasons why Architects in New Jersey love the new Ricoh MP W6700. Ease of Use Our new smart operation panel all of the commands to copy, reduce/enlarge documents. Collated bid…

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Ricoh Pro L5160 Ready to Launch in New Jersey

We’ve been waiting and waiting and in the very near future we’ll be able to demonstrate the new Ricoh Pro L5160 to New Jersey businesses.  The Ricoh Pro L5160  is unique because it also offers CYMK & W printing along with the standard CMYK. Thus I thought I would take the time to share some…

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Should I Lease a Ricoh CAD Plotter with a Second Roll Feeder?

A Ricoh CAD Plotter could be in your future! That question was posed to me a few weeks ago from a visit to a prospect in New Jersey for a Ricoh CAD Plotter.  The construction business and relies on the print process in order to print bid so that their estimators can work up pricing…

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Survcon 2019 in Atlantic City, NJ

Last week we met some awesome people from many New Jersey Companies that attended Survcon 2019 in Atlantic City. I was there for the entire three days @ Bally’s and had the chance to catch up with some friends and clients. It was especially good to see my old friend Mike Williams from Williams Land…

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