3 Reasons New Jersey Architects Save Time w/ KIP Print Submission Software

Print Submission Software & KIP Image Pro

Up until a couple of years ago, I was not able to offer print submission software to my wide-format clients. Many wide-format devices do not come with print submission software; most brands of wide-format print devices just offer a PDF workflow. Print submission software allows our clients to save time because of controlled workflow automation.

Print Submission viewer

What is Print Submission?

Print Submission is the ability to send documents to a print queue within the KIP ImagePro software. Every print job stacks up on the viewer and then allows users to create sets of documents. Kip Smart Stacking simplifies the collation of mixed documents of color and black. Once the documents are created, users have the ability to save the document(s) and sets, and they are held in a pre-ripped format. When the documents need to be reprinted, they do not have to go back through the ripping process. Wide-format files can have extremely large file sizes, and the benefit to our clients is the time that is saved with the print process.

Submission software
Hi def viewer

High Definition Viewer

The hi-def viewer is really cool because you can view the file before it’s printed. Thus, the viewer allows the user to see the color adjustments and pre-set creations. The viewer will also allow the user to apply stamps, AOI (area of interest), scale, change colors, and image position on the pages. Thus, having the ability to view the documents and make adjustments eliminates the reprinting of plans.

Hi Def viewer
Area of interest

Advanced Area of Interest

Without a doubt, the AOI (area of interest) is one of my favorites for saving money. The area of interest allows you to only print a certain portion of the document. Why print the entire document when you can print what’s needed? AOI allows you to capture an image on the drawing and then print. Printing that document to a smaller piece of paper saves paper, print time, and square foot cost for maintenance and toner.

Feel free to message me if you’re interested in knowing more or would like further information. More of my blogs about wide format are here