New Jersey Print Shop Selects Pre-Owned Ricoh MP W3601SP vs KIP 3000


Ricoh MP W3601SP

Buy a pre-owned wide format multi-functional KIP 3000 or buy a pre-owned Ricoh MP W3601SP from an Authorized local dealer?

That was the scenario that I ran into a few weeks ago with a new prospect.  I can’t blame prospects for searching the web for to get the most bang for there buck.  However, with wide format multi-functional devices there can be many pitfalls to buying for the lowest price.

Our Ricoh MP W3601SP offered a dual roll feeder.  The dual feeder option is hard to find on pre-owned Ricoh MP W3601SP’s because at the time of the ordered you could order only a single roll feeder or a dual roll feeder.  Since the dual roll feeder were more expensive, there were many more orders for the Ricoh MP W3601SP with in the single roll configuration.

The single roll feeder can’t be converted to a dual roll feeder.


Our strengths going in were these:

  1. We will perform on-site service for the Ricoh MP W3601SP during the warranty period
  2. We delivery the system and installed and test the Ricoh MP 3601SP on their network
  3. We offer an optional maintenance/supply agreement plan for the Ricoh MP W3601SP
  4. We know the prior history of the Ricoh MP W3601SP since it was a trade from one of our accounts
  5. We provide each Ricoh MP W3601SP with a complete Preventative Maintenance Kit prior to the install
  6. We have been providing service and support for wide format multifunctional devices for more than twenty years
  7. We offered local service and support after the sale

Pitfalls from Buying Wide Format Plotters from the Web:

  • Who will perform the on-site service for the warranty period if there is one?
  • Delivering & installing the KIP 3000 is something an experience technician should handle
  • Who will offer an maintenance agreement on a plotter that was not sold by that company?
  • What is the service history of the KIP 3000, I’d bet dollars to doughnuts there is not a service history
  • If you aren’t aware of the service history how can you know what parts the KIP 300 may or may not need?
  • The web provider/seller states, “we have someone local who can service that device”.  Ok, who are they, are they authorized to service that product, how much do they charge and do they have competent technicians?
  • What happens when the device is delivered, you paid for it in advance and it does not work?  Buying from the web puts all of the “risk” on you the buyer
KIP 3000

KIP 3000

The KIP 3000 and the Ricoh W3601SP we kind of evenly matched when it came down to features and speed. The Ricoh MP W3601SP was clearly a more expensive device than the KIP 3000.  However, there was so much more “risk” for the buyer from buying from the web than buying from a local Authorized Ricoh re-seller.  In addition, once we showed a copy of our “Performance Guarantee” for service and support, it was the tipping point that allowed us to be the preferred vendor.


I understand that everyone wants the best price, with the finest quality and the best service.  However, in all my years in business I have never yet found a company that could provide the finest quality and the best service for the lowest price.

-=Greetings from Sandy Hook=-