Ricoh MP W6700SP Review

The MP W6700SP is a toner based wide format printer/copier/color scanner that can print at 6.7 “D” size pages per minute. The MP W6700SP was introduced in April of 2016. Now that the plotter has been in the field for three years I thought this would be a perfect time for a review.

What We Like

  • Standard dual roll paper capacity (up to two 600 foot rolls of paper can be stored in the device)
  • TWAIN scanning is awesome because it allows users to scan documents directly to a client record with business software. Most business lines of software have the ability to connect a TWAIN driver
  • Outstanding reliability over three years of placements in the field. Most of the consumable parts replacement is at or around 250K square feet.
  • Archive all of your legacy wide format documents via Ricoh Content Manager. Cloud storage that allows users to name their scanned files at the MP W6700SP and upload. Document control can be used for audit trails and for teams to collaborate on revisions. In addition users for Ricoh Content Manager have access to all of the documents when ever they are connected.
  • Anti-Humidity Heater is critical when your business located at or near a large body of water.The heater ensures that the bond print/copy paper is dry which will prevent image distortion.

What We Would Like to See

  • It’s time for a refresh. Even though the MP W6700SP is packed with time saving features a lot has changed in three years.
  • Connectivity to Ricoh ICE (Integrated Cloud Services)
  • Document Feeder, how cool would it be to stack 5-10 originals for scanning or copying, then walk away and let the MP W6700SP due the rest.


When considering a new or off-lease MFP I suggest giving the Ricoh MP W6700SP a look. Price is good, value because of the parts longevity provides a great value combination. If you need a brochure please get one here

-=Greeting from Sandy Hook, NJ=-