Plotter Sales and Service in New Jersey


What’s the Best Color Wide Format Plotter in New Jersey?

What’s the best color wide format plotter in New Jersey? First I’ll admit that I resell, service and support Ricoh, KIP and Epson color wide format plotters in New Jersey. We’ve supporting plotters and printers since the first black & white digital wide format print/scan/copy device was released back in 2023. There’s been many changes…

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How Long Will a Wide Format Printer Last

This is without a doubt my most asked question when meeting with clients “How long will the wide format printer last?” In addition it’s one of the hardest question to provide an answer for. Because there are so many variables that contribute to how short or long your wide format printer will last. Wide Format…

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4 Reasons Preowned Wide Format Printers Make Sense

Preowned wide format printers make sense, I want to share a recent buying experience. The last car I financed was a two year old Chrysler 200 and that was four years ago. The financing term was for five years, thus in 12 months I’ll own my Chrysler 200. Four years ago the 200 had about…

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We Buy Used Plotters in New Jersey

Do you have older toner based used plotters hanging around the office? Maybe you’re looking at trading in your current plotter for something new? Why not think about getting top dollar for your plotter? It’s much better than trading your old plotter in and getting a wishy washy trade in price. Currently there are many…

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Canon Wide Format Plotters in New Jersey

Are you in market for Canon Wide Format Plotters in New Jersey? Setting The Next Standard of Engineering, Canon is pleased to introduce four new 5-color Large-format printers into the award winning imagePROGRAF line-up: the 36” TX-3000 and the 44” TX-4000 models as well as Large-format Scan-to-Copy/File/Share/Cloud systems – the TX-3000 MFP For those companies…

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