Four Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old Plotter with a Smart Plotter in New Jersey

What is smart plotter? 


Ricoh Color Plotters

A smart plotter is a wide format printer that offers multi-functional capabilities with advanced scanning features.  The basic features of a plotter would incorporate copy, print & scan.

New technology now allows smart multifunctional plotters to now scan in color to many cloud based programs such as Google Drive, Office 365, Box, Dropbox, One Drive, SharePoint, ShareFile, Intacct, Net Suite, Concur and Canvas.

1) There’s one common thread with all of the above cloud services, scanning to cloud services saves an incredible amount of time for scanning.  Scanning to email and to folder is a methodology of the past. The process of scanning to your email address, opening the file, previewing the file, naming the file, saving the file to another location and then emailing that file to others consumes an enormous amount of time!

With new smart plotters, users can now preview their scans, name the file and then upload the scanned file to their favorite cloud service with one trip to the smart plotter.  Years ago, one of my favorite Architects in Deal, New Jersey, told me that time is money.  Technology that saves him time has a dramatic effect with his bottom line.

2) A smart plotter does not have to be connected to a network in order to print and scan.  That’s right, smart plotters now give you the ability to scan to a USB Stick, or an SD card.  In addition users can also print from a USB stick or SD card.  On one of my recent appointments in Eatontown, New Jersey, the client was not able to connect his device to the corporate network because of security issue. Have the ability to scan and print with SD cards and USB sticks was a big plus in making his decision to junk his old “not so smart” plotter.

3) With a recent trip to an Architect in Allentown, NJ, we discovered that his needs were simple.  Our architect needed to scan more than five thousand old drawings, because he was required to keep them for another seven years.  His old analog wide format copier was not capable of printing or scanning.  In addition during the scanning process, they had the need to annotate the old drawings along with performing markups.  Our client did not have a server, but was using Dropbox here and there to share documents.  We demonstrated our smart plotter with the smart scanner, which enabled our architect to connect with Dropbox, preview the scan, annotate and mark up the scan and then save that scan to a folder in Dropbox.  The ability to perform all of those actions at the time of scanning was a great time saver for them.

4) The ability to print from your mobile device is one of those must have features.  Users can now use the print cloud to print documents that are on their mobile devices.  On a recent trip to an construction company in Plainfield, NJ, having the ability to send that document to print from their mobile device in the field saved them countless hours when they arrived back in the office.

Saving time, whether it’s with workflow scanning,  or having a faster plotter can allow businesses to be more productive, and extremely competitive in their market place.  The business that incorporates state of the art technology will reduce their costs, and allow them to place and win more bids.
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