New Jersey Surveyors Love the Ricoh IM CW2200 Wide Format

Yes, it’s been some time since Ricoh updated the Ricoh MP cw2201 wide format.  Covid19 has cramped a lot of the office equipment manufactures introductions for the last two years.  Thus almost six years since the intro of the MP cw2201, the new IM CW2200 has launched. There’s some new features and some new wrinkles that New Jersey Surveyors will love.  The I stands for Intelligent and the M for multi-functional!

Plotter Waterproof inks

Not only is the ink waterproof but it’s also UV resistant, no longer will ink smear or run if the document gets wet.  Unlike other plotters that use 5 colors, our Ricoh wide format uses only four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), which means it’s less expensive to buy four cartridges rather than five. Simple stuff right?

Ricoh 4 geljet ink cartridges

GEL-Jet technology

GEL-Jet technology is really pretty cool and that’s because even though the ink is liquid, it’s leaving behind a dry toner particle.  The liquid acts as a carrying agent for the toner. When the liquid carrying agent comes into contact with the paper the carrying agent evaporates and leaves behind the dry toner particle.  Thus in my eyes you have the best of both worlds for ink and toner.  The image is dry and won’t smear nor run, and there is much less energy used with GEL-Jet printers over color laser printers.  Thus the GEL-Jet typically uses 90% less power thus helping to reduce C02 emissions.

Wide Format Scan Technology

It wasn’t until I worked with a competitors wide format plotter when I found out that their wide format plotter could not scan or email a document to multiple scan locations (email or folder).  Thus clients that need to scan documents to multiple locations in one pass can appreciate how the Ricoh IM CW2200 can save a tremendous amount of time scanning. I’ll admit most users now scan more than they copy. Can you imagine the time wasted to send the same drawing/plot to 5 users five times?  geesh!

Every wide format competitor uses an outdated process for scanning documents except for Ricoh.  Let’s say you need to scan 10 pages for a bid request, thus with the competitors you’ll need to place one document at a time in the scanner. Then wait for the document to scan, then wait for the document to exit the scanner and then remove the scanned document. I’m sorry but that’s an outdated process that I call “one in and one out” and huge waste of time!

Ricoh IM C2200 Scan stack tray
Stacker Tray

Scan Exit Technology

Our Ricoh IM CW2200 offers a unique document exit tray for scanned documents to reside.  The Ricoh process allows you place the document in the feeder, and then start the scan. When the document is scanned you then place the document that’s next in line to be scanned. Every scanned page is then delivered to the stack exit tray. When the scanning is complete, you grab the scanned pages from the exit tray stacker.  Incredible time savings!

Auto Firmware Updates

Firmware is everywhere and without firmware most if not all electronic devices will not work.  Firmware is a set of software instructions that tells the hardware what to do. In the past firmware for printers, copiers, scanners had to be installed by a technician.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it was the code that manufacturers and dealers lived by.  The reason for that is because each on site call costs the manufacturers money.  If the device was not operating correctly one of the fixes was to have a tech on site to install firmware.

Ricoh auto updates eliminates the need for a tech to be on-site. In addition it ensures the manufacturers hardware can be updated via the internet quickly.  Many of those updates are for security as well as hardware fixes.  You can learn more here for firmware security.


There’s my five reasons, however there are many more that would take too much time to list tonight.  The IM CW 2200 is priced in the middle of the road for color 36″ plotters that scan/copy/print.  In addition the IM CW 2200 can also be equipped with a dual roll feeder. This feature allows users to have a 36″ and 18″ rolls of paper available. The 18″ roll of paper can be used for check plots.  If you’re in New Jersey, feel free to reach out to me, if out side for New Jersey give me a buzz also and I can put in touch with some great reps that can help.

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