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Should I Lease or Buy a Ricoh MP6700SP in New Jersey?

Should I lease or should I buy the Ricoh MP6700SP wide format? It’s a question that I’ll field at least a few times a month. MP6700SP In order to answer that question, I’ll need to give a little history about the Ricoh MP6700. The one great feature of the Ricoh MP6700SP, is that it’s a…

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Ten FAQ’s for the Ricoh MP W6700SP Wide Format

My main focus in New Jersey is to help companies reduce their costs with the Ricoh line of wide format printer/copier/scanners in Monmouth County, NJ. On occasions, I can also help other Architects, Engineers and Construction companies throughout the entire State of New Jersey for their wide format needs. Thus,  I thought I would put together…

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Ricoh CW2201SP vs OCE Colorwave 500

To lease the Ricoh MP CW2201SP or the Oce Colorwave 500, which is it going to be?  Both are excellent wide format plotters, however both fit differently with every client. The OCE Colorwave 500 wide format plotter is a behemoth, coming in at over five hundred pounds.  For those that may want to install the device…

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