PaperCut & Ricoh Wide Format “Perfect Together” in NJ

You might be thinking, what is PaperCut? PaperCut is a accounting print management software that resides on a companies server. The role of PaperCut can take on a few different flavors when it comes to print management.

Flavor One = Print Rules

  1. PaperCut can reduce the amount of color prints by enabling “Print Rules”. Some of the more popular rules are:
  • All emails print as color. You’ve seen it, emails that are printed always have the email address in blue, and sometimes includes a corporate logo in color. Those printed emails count as color pages and will cost as much as nine cents per page. Enabling a rule that all emails print in black can save a company hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year.
  • Internet pages print as color. Is there really a need to have internet pages print in color? In most cases there is no rule in place for printing internet pages. Most businesses will have them print in color. Enabling a print rule for all internet pages print in black is a perfect rule for cutting costs for color usage.
  • Check Plots: Do those check plots really need to be printed in color, especially if you’re printing to a color plotter. Here tool you can set a rule for check plots to print in black only.

Flavor Two = Accounting Rules

The biggest and baddest flavor of PaperCut is the ability to track prints to your wide format device. Your workflow has to be .pdf. Which means that you are using the standard print driver or postscript print driver for printing.

Tracking prints is one thing, but also have the ability to associate a print cost per square foot is huge for wide format. No longer do you need to keep a scratch pad by the plotter to count prints for each job. PaperCut will associate a cost per square foot, users can then enter the account code prior to printing. At the end of the month a charge back report is sent to the Administrator for billing. Instead of charge backs taking hours to research and bill, those prints can be sent off for billing asap.

Flavor Three = PaperCut MF “Why?”

  • Monitors all print activity from a single, convenient dashboard
  • Eliminate or discourage waste
  • Up to 50 super cool reports for prints by users and device
  • Create a new profit center for charging back for prints
  • Enable mobile printing

PaperCut can also be added to an existing wide format device, just remember that you need that .pdf workflow.

papecut ricoh

We all love to save money and almost all businesses hate to have color overage pages reek havoc with their annual budget. PaperCut can turn that non-predictable color overage expense into one that is predictable. In addition PaperCut can give your accounting team extra hours every month to get the books closed on time.

Check out our PaperCut brochure here

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