Jersey Shore Electric Contractor Lease Ricoh CW 2201SP Color Plotter

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Lease Ricoh CW 2201SP

Sometimes it’s that one little feature that makes the difference from leasing a Ricoh CW 2201SP or an Oce/Canon wide format. For our Jersey Electric Contractor it was the TWAIN scanning feature that drove their decision to lease the Ricoh CW2201SP.


TWAIN scanning is also known as ‘pull scanning”.  Pull scanning means that your software program has the ability to use a TWAIN scan driver. With our Electrical Contractor they have the ability to use a TWAIN scan driver with their business line of software.  We demonstrated that the use of the twain scan driver would allow them to scan wide format drawings directly to their client records. This eliminated the tedious task of scan2email & scan2folder, naming the file and then transferring that file to the software.

Time is Money

A wise architect once told me time is money and if there’s time to be saved then he is all ears. Joe, if you’rere adding this I hope all is well with you and family!

Scanning Features

When I first mentioned the use of the twain scan driver, I was asked is there is an additional cost.  There is no additional cost for the twain driver because it is a standard feature with all of our Ricoh plotters. Other standard features included were color scanning, mobile printing, scan2box, scan2google drive, scan2ms365 and my favorite which is scan2dropbox.  We understand that all Electrical Contractors are not the same, thus what’s good for one contractor may not be the preferred choice of another.  It’s great that the Ricoh plotters can offer both push and pull scanning (twain) to everyone.


At the end of the day it was the combination of the time saving twain scan driver and our ability to present a financial lease solution that lowered our client costs.

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