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Ricoh W3600 End of Life

Can you believe that the first Ricoh MP W3600 wide format MFP (multi-functional printer was introduced in July of 2007! That’s 12 plus years of service for one of the best wide format MFP’s ever.


In February of 2011 Ricoh discontinued the MP W3600 in lieu of the MP W3601 which added color scanning. Two years late Ricoh terminated field support for the MP W3600. Since 2013 Ricoh dealers have been doing an awesome job of still supporting the Ricoh MP W3600 in the field.

In New Jersey we still have a generous population of the W 3600’s in the field. I credit that to the excellence of our service engineers and their hard work to keep the W3600’s humming.

Good Things Come to an End

All good things will come to an end. In January of 2018 Ricoh served notice that the are issuing a “final month of assured parts availability”. Which means that parts may not be available for replacement. We’re almost two years past that point in time. Thus the acquisition of replacing a part(s) may be an issue now or in the very near future.

Good NEWS!

What’s the good news? The MP W6700SP replaced the W3601 about two years ago and like the W3600 and the W3601 it’s been a top performer in the field.

The MP W6700SP offers clients a dual roll feeder, color scanning, scan2email, scan2folder, and scan2dropbox. The W 6700SP still uses the same toner as the W3600/3601 and that’s because Ricoh still uses the same digital print engine. Thus clients will not have to discard their old toner. Which means added value.

Trade-In Value

One other point, even though the W3600 is 12 plus years old there is still some trade in value. Depending on the configuration of your device it may be worth up to $1,200.

In conclusion now may be the right time to get the best value for trading in the Ricoh W3600.

Please contact me if you’re interested in trading your Ricoh W3600 in for something new.

-=Greeting from Sandy Hook, NJ=-