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Five Reasons I’m Stoked about the KIP C600 Series Color Plotter

Five Reasons I’m Stoked about the KIP C600 Series Color Plotter

Every now and then one of those technology marvels cross my life. I can remember the awesome IBM Selectric II Typewriter (so many years ago), the Minolta 450Z, our much loved Ricoh MP 240W (wide format plotter) and now the incredible KIP C600 color plotter (wide format).

It’s great to be a tech junkie and any phrase that starts with “State of the Art Technology” has my attention!

My Five Reasons Why I’m Stoked

  1. In many cases wide format users only want to copy or scan a certain portion of that wide format drawing. Why print the entire document when you can cut, or crop the image you need?  With workflow automation our KIP C600 allows you to control what portion of the pages that you would like to cut or crop any image. What is means is that clients don’t have to waste toner or paper when all they need to print is a portion of the drawing
  2. Color scans and copies that can last a lifetime. Another CCT technology feature allows the KIP C600 to produce prints that will hold up to friction, heat, scratching and everyday handling of documents. The CCT technology enables the KIP C600 to produce waterproof, smear proof, UV resistant, highlighter safe and archivable documents. This means that your documents are made to be used in the field. In addition clients do not have to worry about lost data image points.
  3. KIP utilizes contact control technology which enables the KIP C600 to control the placement of toner particles.  Controlling these particles at each stage of the image development allows for the greatest level of color and black image quality.  What it means to you is awesome print quality day in and day out!
  4. KIP Cloud Connect allows multiple users to connect multiple cloud platforms. The KIP C600 series works with Box, DropBox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive and MS SharePoint. Some of the other cool features are;
    • Print from KIP Could Connect
    • Scan to KIP Cloud Connect
    • Unlimited Cloud Connections
    • Choose files from Multiple Cloud Sources for Single Print Job
    • Collated Print Sets
  5. There is a Print only plotter is available. This is great because on many clients that have existing high end scanners would like to complement with a color plotter.  In addition having a print only device saves the client money because a scan and copy feature is not needed.

When you compare apples to apples and feature for feature there is no other dry toner color wide format device like the KIP C600. Another KIP blog is Architect Selects KIP C600 Wide format printer. I can also reached via email

-=Greetings from Sandy Hook, NJ =-