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Ricoh CW2201 Flat Stacker Tray (Video)

Our new Ricoh CW2201 Flat Stacker tray in action. The following video was taken in our Edison, New Jersey demonstration room a few months ago.  The video shows the Ricoh CW2201 flat stacking capability by extending the paper exit arms. The Ricoh CW2201 prints exit perfectly and are flat stacked for easy access. Prints will…

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Contex SD One MF Available to New Jersey Wide Format Users

With the recent addition of the Contex SD One MF, Contex has knocked it out of the box again with a portable wide format color scanner. The Contex SD one MF doesn’t need to be connected to a computer, nor does it require software to scan wide format drawings. About eighteen months ago, I posted…

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Four Slick Tricks with a Ricoh MP W6700SP Plotter

Last week I was with one of my Johnny D (my Ricoh rep) at an Architects office in Red Bank, NJ.  We were there to give some additional training for the Ricoh MP W6700SP Plotter. Slick Trick #1 Just as we were going to get started I noticed that my iPhone was nearly drained of…

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Ten FAQ’s for the Ricoh MP W6700SP Wide Format

My main focus in New Jersey is to help companies reduce their costs with the Ricoh line of wide format printer/copier/scanners in Monmouth County, NJ. On occasions, I can also help other Architects, Engineers and Construction companies throughout the entire State of New Jersey for their wide format needs. Thus,  I thought I would put together…

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